When you know how to sell effectively then you will earn more money.

I will show you how to be more effective in closing more sales.

  • How to get people to call you back
  • How to avoid having to hear, I have to think about it
  • How to write the best ad’s that produce real results
  • Where to get free advertising that works
  • Learn to close more deals!

 Sales and Marketing is not a one-time thing you do.  It is an on going strategy to win more.  Business is a competition where the losers go out of business and the winners become wealthy.  Give your business the competitive edge it needs with the right coach!All of the best athletes in the world use a coach or mentor.  If you want to be successful in business than you need a coach too!

This is the most powerful step toward initiating change in your business.

We provide you with a sales performance “tune up” or customized sales mentoring program that gets you refocused with updated tools and skills to maximize your sales performance. You will immediately boost your bottom line and generate lasting results that provide a great return on investment.With A Business Sales Coach, you will get the competitive edge you need to succeed beyond what you thought possible.This is not a book..  Not a few Cd’s or DVD’s to listen to. It’s a Real Coach One - On One to help you get where you want to be in your business.

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Recent Testimonials

John , Thank you for a very informative evening. Your presentation was inspiring and has motivated me more to pursue maximizing my companies growth. It was worth the hour and a half drive. Let's stay in touch. 
Marco ,Atlas Marble and Granite

John, Just wanted to say again...GREAT JOB last night.
Jerry Thompson, Van Dyke Agency